Huynh Tieu Huong and her activities at The QUE HUONG Charity Center in Binh Duong, Vietnam.

Quỳnh Như

Huynh Tieu Huong is known as “Mother Teresa” of Vietnam. She is the founder of Que Huong Charity Center and also the mother of 346 children with the family name “Huynh”. More than that, she accepted the trade-off of a rich and affluent life in America, her beautiful youth and even her freedom to live among miserable people in order to take better care of them. However, only few people know that Huynh Tieu Huong’s life is also full of grief and miseries like the distressful fates that she has attached to…
From the moment she was born, Tieu Huong had to struggle and lived her life like a weed. Throughout her childhood, instead of living with the love of parents, being cherished and pampered, she was always blatantly bullied – “the strong bully the weak”. She was beaten, tortured as in their mind, she was just a lone orphan. As a beautiful young woman, Tieu Huong continued to become a prey to pimps and gangsters. They were like animals in human disguise, trying to trample and torment her. What can be more painful than being forced to enter the life of a prostitute, using drugs and not knowing how the future would be? The hardest thing was that after enduring their torture and horrible punishment, she was even thrown into the river to end her life … There was however a vitality that nothing could knock her down. From the miserable life, from the core of suffering, Tieu Huong stood up like a lotus rising out of the muddy water and giving sweet fragrance.
Becoming a successful woman in the real estate business and having the opportunity to settle down in the United States, Tieu Huong accepted to give up her wealth and fame to choose a life of love and sharing with distressful lives like hers before.
During the past 30 years, Huynh Tieu Huong has devoted all the love, capital and assets she has ever gathered to fulfill the dreams of taking care of thousands of orphans and disabled children; thousands of lonely old people and the helpless nationwide. Especially, since the establishment of Que Huong Charity Center in 2001, Tieu Huong has taken care of, nurtured, provided vocational training and helped nearly 350 children get married.
From her miserable life, Huong has turned it into strength and acted to protect every child and is ready to take care of thousands of unhappy lives everywhere. Therefore, when mentioning Huynh Tieu Huong, people immediately think of her regular charity programs to offer scholarships, presents, wheelchairs, of her volunteer trips to help people in the mountainous and remote areas … Not only for Vietnam, her love is also there for miserable, lonely people, for the victims of natural disasters in many countries such as Cambodia, the Philippines, the United States…
Over 30 years of commitment to humanitarian cause, more than 30 years of giving and spreading love has brought Huynh Tieu Huong the happiness in life with filial, obedient and well-educated children. Many of them are preparing to enter universities. There are noble titles from domestic and international communities awarded to her such as: “The woman who moved the hearts of Vietnam”, “Angel in normal life”, “Fairy in everyday life”, “Steel rose”,” World Charity Ambassador”… However, the humanitarian journey in the past 30 years has also worn her down and depleted her of everything.
Those are the misleading and distorted words of some people who deliberately slander her honor and prestige; those are incurable diseases that keep taking turns raging through her small and fragile body, making her stay in the hospital more than at home.
Those are many times she spent all her capital and wealth to buy land, build houses and schools, help the children get married, and her big family always falls into the situation of “Money to difficult lives is like wind to empty houses”…
However, beyond all the pains of her life, Huynh Tieu Huong still lives, loves and protects the miserable fates with no regret. Only one thing that Tieu Huong wants is to receive more attention, sharing and encouragement of benefactors from near and far so that she can have more faith and strength to overcome obstacles and to step forward to help the children.

1.USA: Mother Huong Foundation, 5102W Roberts Dr., Santa Ana, CA 92704. Tel: (714) 766-1058.
2.Vietnam: • Trung Tam NhanĐao Que huong, 1210 đường ĐT743A, KhuphốTân Long, PhườngTânĐôngHiệp, ThànhphốDĩ An, TỉnhBìnhDương
• Telephone: (0274) 3740808 – 0903.803.908 em Trang – 0983 803 908 em Trang.


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