Donald Trump to Orange County

Tổng Thống Trump phát biểu tại cuộc gây quỹ hôm Chủ Nhật, 18/10/20 tại Newport Beach, Orange County.

Flowers of Enthusiasm , MAGAism, USAism, Patriotism… blooming all over Cities

by Tony Bui

People in Southern California had been waiting too long to see Trump. They don’t believe that President Trump will ever glance at this area which was infested by high taxes, regulations, illogical ‘lockdown’ rules created by the ‘power monger’ Demons and Craps for many years.
WHOA! It’s unbelievable for ALL Beings to hear that ‘Donald Trump will arrive in O.C. , especially in the well-to-do Newport Beach’ right on Sunday 10-18-2020’.
We are people with consciousness and logical minds who believe in ‘Truth over Fake news’, believe in “Trump’s compassionism” over ‘Knee-down- Bidenism”.
Up till this present time many people still consider Trump’s event is a Bliss of rain from Sky to all the wilted trees of Freedom, Liberty, Dignity of the country especially of Orange County.
Witnessing Trump’s trips on the Air Force ONE crisscrossed to many places of many states from Florida, Carolina, Ohio, Arizona, Nevada, and now California … only the person with wisdom mind and compassionate heart wholesomely dedicated to USA and People of America can do it. Henceforth
Flowers of Compassion have bloomed everywhere to welcome every Trump’s steps.
People knew that: Trump is the Real Person with the character ‘Promises Make, Promises Kept, Promises Accomplish’ . This character encourage American Beings grant Trump “Four More Years” to MAGA
“Make America Great Again”, to MASA “Make America Safe Again” , to KAGB “Keep America Great & Beautiful”.
President Trump for the past 4 years had sown the seeds of fairness, justice, appreciate laws and orders set up by fore-fathers. In return the flowers of Enthusiasm, MAGA ism , MESAism … from residents of Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley , Santa Ana, Westminster, Garden Grove, Anaheim, Cypress, Orange… dedicated to Trump’s event.
Thousands of people line up the main street stretching from OC ‘John Wayne’ Airport to the wonderful high-class entrepreneur of Newport Beach, Balboa Beach.
The Trump’s event start at noon time on Sunday, however thousands of people who had registered less than 24 hrs earlier, had lined up to get into the (2) hotels Huntington Beach Waterfront and Lido Newport Beach and be transported by buses to Newport Isle Magnificent resident.
Newport Beach residents welcome the Trump’s event with Champagne, big Smiles and great cheers.
Along the streets hundred Vietnamese American cars decorated USA flags, Trump’s flowers created a parade through many cities to greet Trump . Many ladies dressed in ‘lovely Trump’s ao dai’ want to share with Melena Trump the Care to the President . What’s a wonderful feeling to hear: “We love Trump”, “Four More Year” “USA, USA, USA” all over streets of young kids, students, workers and senior people. On the street there are signs “Latino For Trump” , “Asian For Trump”, “Trump 2020” and a lot of flags waving to support Trump.
We all love Trump because we witnessed the courageous, wisdom, lovely-humorous Trump’s smiles.
People felt a natural compassion and appreciate the radiance emanate from the spirit to Make America Great and Safe Again. God Blessed America.
Residents of Orange County present the feeling: “Well done President Trump. You are Phenomenal !!!,
We are very Proud to be American!!! 4 More years, Sir.”
Let’s all MAGA (Make America Great Again) to save the world from thuggish socialism and

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